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I just got an email inviting me to Pownce (why do I keep misspelling that?) and it looks pretty sweet. All I need now is some people to add to my friends list. I’ve already sent out 2 invites but since both people are asleep, I won’t be getting replies to those any time soon.

First impressions, it seems very much like Twitter. If it is as much like Twitter as it seems, I can see myself giving up on it very soon. One of the main problems I had with Twitter was that if I wanted to add someone and have them add me it just wouldn’t work. If someone added you, they would be listed as your fan and nothing more. There wasn’t any friend requests or anything like that, just an email asking whether you would add this person they could be your friend instead of a fan. Now, I’m all for making the user’s experience easier but this is just useless. I know for a fact that the email asking to add someone didn’t work. It didn’t even work with me, every time I got an email saying that someone had added me, I would only click it so it marked as read then I would move on.
There should have been some kind of “I know this person and want to add them” or “I don’t know this person, keep as fan” thing, kind of like Facebook.

Hmmm, this seems to have turned into a small rant about Twitter. What I’m basically getting at is I hope that Pownce isn’t like Twitter.
Until next time, safe Powncing.

Pownce Page


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