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I’ve started playing EVE Online again, but only every now and then just to check if my skill has finished training. I need to start playing properly again really. My original plan was to start playing properly as soon as I changed ISPs but that plan kinda fell through when the router started acting up. Then I said that I would start playing again once I get my new computer. Well, I kind of stayed with that plan. I’m on my new computer right now, playing EVE Online… right now.

So far, I’ve just been flying around my home system in my Covetor checking if there’s anything new. All I’ve found so far is that they’ve revamped the scanner to include a system scanner which seems to be a way to find deadspace areas (among other things). Although it seems like a small addition, it’s a nice one. You can scan for, drones & probes, scrap, ships, cosmic signatures or structures. If you use your on-board scanner (which can only scan for cosmic signatures) you will have a scan range of 5.0 AU, which will barely scan to the next planet over in most systems.
Once you’ve scanned, it will give you information about your scan results. Such as, the type of cosmic signature you’ve picked up, the strength of the signal, signal distance and the accuracy of the signature location.

I’ve noticed that losing my last 3 Brutixes (Brutix‘s?) has made me a bit jumpy, or at least more wary/scared than usual. After scanning for any nearby cosmic signatures for my first time, I came upon a few deadspace pockets. Even though I was in my Covetor and I knew that it was very likely that there would be rats there, I decided to have a look. I decided to warp in at 100km so I could look from afar but my plan went slightly wrong.
I ended up warping right on top of a small group of rat frigates (NPC pirates) frigates. Although their guns weren’t doing any damage to my shields, I kept thinking “What if they jam me?! I’ll be stuck here!”

Of course, they didn’t jam me and I got away safe and sound. I warped straight to the station which houses all of my ships and got my Brutix out. I felt the need to dish out some revenge, even though the rats inflicted zero damage. So I warped back into the Shesha III asteroid belt and scanned for cosmic signatures again. Once I found the deadspace pocket, I warped in and began firing. Drones and all. I took out the first 6 easily, only taking minimal damage. Then another 3 spawned, I took them out easily too. Then another 5 spawned and I started to get bored.
I was thinking about destroying the factory that seemed to be spawning the rats but it told me that it was owned by a civilian corporation so I decided not to. Even though I really wanted to see a big explosion…

After that little bit of combat I remembered my original intention when logging into EVE. Getting some ISK through mining.
So, I fired up my warp core and set off for the station. 30 seconds later I exited in my lovely but not that new Covetor. After 20 minutes of so of jet-can mining, I had filled a 25,000m3 cargo container and started warping off to the station to get into my hauler.
After hauling the whole lot, I set about refining it and seeing how much the minerals would fetch on the market.

It turned out that from mining Pyroxeres I had made 2,456,074.61 ISK in just 20 minutes, which surprised me quite a bit. So, if I mined for an hour, I could theoretically make 7,368,223.83 ISK. Or even more if I went on a proper (day-long) mining op like I used to. Which is a lot better than my old 1 million ISK per hour that I used to get when mining in my Thorax.

That’s enough of my EVE story for today. I’ve been thinking about doing a few IC (in character) story-like posts. The main reason behind that being that I find it a bit awkward talking to other people while role playing but I enjoy writing role playing stories. I may not be that good at it but at least I enjoy it.


Oh, I almost forgot. If anyone is interested I’ve uploaded a couple more videos to GeeVee, which you can find here. I’ll be uploading more every now and then but don’t count on them being very regular.


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