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These apps on Facebook are really starting to annoy me. Not because they may be useless or anything like that. Quite the opposite really, they’re just too good. I can’t cope with it, I’m cracking under the pressure.
I want to keep my Facebook profile looking all neat and minimalistic but there are just too many awesome apps to let me do that. I’ve already removed about 3 apps to make room for others.
I’ve pretty much given up now, I’m only going to make sure my profile doesn’t get too long. Although, the wall does a good job of ensuring that’s going to happen soon.

Well done Facebook, you’ve finally got me. Now, if only I could get this hook out of my cheek.


One Comment

  1. Have you heard of new research around obesity being a virus that spreads among friends? How about a Facebook fat friend tracker that jacks up the peer pressure.

    Just kidding :=)

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