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While checking through my blog stats today, I noticed that someone had found my blog by searching “EVE Online signature”. Which reminded me of the little graphics creation business I have going in EVE. So, I thought I’d show examples, state prices, etc. so people have another place to find my services and hopefully I can get a bit of business through here too.

Name + Experience: Godlesswanderer – Photoshop – 6 years

Status: Currently accepting requests

Styles: As you can see below, I can do a number of styles. I will usually be able to create a graphic in any style you wish.

Services offered and costs (ISK):

Most prices are negotiable to an extent.

  • Personal Signature – 25 mil
  • Corporation Signatures – 25 mil for first signature + 5mil for each additional signature.
  • Corporation Banners – 60 mil
  • Corporation Headers – 60 mil
  • Alliance Logo – 100 mil
  • Alliance Recruitment Advertisement – 80 mil
  • Alliance Signatures – 25 mil for first signature + 5mil for each additional signature
  • Websites [design only] – 300 mil
  • Website related graphics (advertisement banners, headers, etc) – 80 mil per graphic

Hosting: Hosting is offered (through eve-files) and is free

Contact: E-mail –
EVE-Mail: Godlesswanderer

Satisfied Customers (Forum Usernames):

Sakura Nihil
Teflon Dondada
Miss Anthropy
Elles D



The above signature is for sale, contact me if you’re interested. Anything can be added or changed.

Click through for more examples (not 56k friendly).

More signatures will be added to examples as they are made. Depending on client approval.



  1. Those are lovely sigs you’ve got there! I might use your service for a banner for my blog.

  2. Thanks! If you decide to do contact me, just email me with what you want (size, colours, etc.) and I’ll get straight to work.

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