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I came across a website earlier today which an EVE Online player has created to advertise his Tech II (T2) ship creation services (which you can find here). He lists the ships he sells, what kinds of orders he takes (individual/corporation/alliance), etc.
Personally I think this is how businesses in EVE Online should be handled, whether it’s a corporation, alliance or just one player. Seeing people just posting a post somewhere isn’t really effective and doesn’t really show any professionalism if it’s full of spelling and/or grammar mistakes. I know EVE is only game and you don’t necessarily need to show professionalism but if I were to buy a ship or something equally expensive from someone, I’d be a lot happier knowing that the player I’m buying from treats their in-game business just like they would if they owned a real business. I’d feel like my ISK was a lot safer with them and would be a lot more likely to use their services again.

I’ve just realised that the site works in the EVE Online in-game browser (IGB) and it looks a lot better in there. So if you play EVE (you probably do if you’re reading this), open up the site in the IGB.

On a side note, I was invited to a website called EVE GFX* about a few months ago but I only got around to registering about a week ago. It’s basically a forum and gallery to showcase graphic designers in EVE and their work. It’s also used as a place to request EVE related graphics (signatures, banners, headers, etc,) and for other designers to give critique on other designers signatures, banners, etc.
Basically what I’m trying to say is, my gallery can be found here. It has more or less the same information as my EVE Graphics post but it has a few more examples so if you want to request a graphic, you can go from the info on either page.

* Don’t worry you don’t need to be invited to register. When the website was created Nova Z invited some graphic designers she saw on the EVE Online forums but anyone can register.


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