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If anyone reading this also reads CrazyKinux’s Blog, CrazyKinux’s Musing, you may have noticed that he had a Myrmidon (then lost it, then got a new one). Anyway, after seeing how incredibly cool they look (come on, they do, don’t they?) I started thinking about buying one. Even though I thought about buying one a few days ago, I completely forgot until just now.

So, I was sitting in the Ishukone Station in Shesha thinking about buying a Myrmidon. While I had the money for it I was a bit hesitant to buy it as I thought about the price of all the equipment I would have to buy. Just that second I got an EVE-Mail from a player going by the name of Elles D. She was asking for a signature and was prepared to pay 30 million ISK for it. After half an hour of work in Photoshop, I sent her a link to the signature (which, if you’re curious, is here) and within 30 seconds I had an extra 30 mil in my wallet that could now go towards the Myrmidon. It’s nice when things work out so nicely, isn’t it?

So, before I left the station I thought it best to check Myrmidon prices in the area. First I checked the price history so I could decide whether I should wait or not and as you can see, the prices in the region (Tash-Murkon) had been going down at the beginning of the year and they’ve been keeping relatively steady over the last few months.

Myrmidon Price History

So, instead of waiting and risking the price getting higher I thought I’d better buy one. So I went onto the market data page and grabbed the cheapest one (naturally) which set me back 34,900,000 ISK. Which was still 0.44% over the regional average but to be honest, 0.44% doesn’t really make much of a difference.

Buying Myrmidon

After checking my wallet to check no one bought it before I did and that it went through, I assembled one of the 10 Caldari shuttles I have in my hangar (can’t beat long trips at 600m/s) and set off on my very short trip to Tash Murkon Prime (two jumps).
As usual, it was a very boring and uneventful trip but I had something to look forward to at the end.

As soon as I docked with the station I opened the “Ships” window and saw the Myrmidon. After assembling it, my first mistake was almost trashing my brand new Myrmidon. They shouldn’t have the “Trash it” button so close to the “Activate ship” button in the drop down menu.
Once I had activated it without trashing it, I was actually amazed at how good it looked. I’ve always preferred Gallente ships because of their design but this is something else.

I’ve yet to buy any guns or modules for it but that’s definitely my next step. Once I have everything fitted, it just might replace my Brutix as my primary PvP ship. I’ll need to do some research and see what the Myrmidon can do first though but we’ll see.

Now for the obligatory screen-shots of my Myrmidon on it’s maiden voyage.

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage - 2

Maiden Voyage - 3



  1. Once I finish with my current buildup of industrial skills, Battlecruisers II is next. I want one of these.

  2. I am also currently in the market for one, I’ve assembled most of the fittings, but am waiting on someone selling me one at the moment. (unfortunately mine will be for missions, building up some money and looking to get a jump clone)

  3. From what I hear, Myrmidons are really great at tanking so they should be great for doing missions.
    That’s one of the things I love about EVE, whatever ship you’re flying, there is a set up that will let you do the thing you want to do with it.
    With the exception of industrials and, well, anything to do with combat.

  4. I cannot look at that ship and not think “Batman.”

    And I mean that in the best, dark knight way.

  5. Haha I see what you mean. Now you’ve got me thinking that every time I look at it.
    I would have also accepted “in a Batman Begins way”.

  6. Heavy drones + dual rep tank = most overpowered BC in pvp.

    Also, it’s a minbari cruiser, not batman. Learn your scifi history.

  7. In my opinion, there always has to be something that’s overpowered compared to other ships of it’s type. Otherwise everything would be equal. As long as it’s not overpowered when compared to bigger ships (battleships, etc.) or a group of Battlecruisers it’s 100% fine.
    Also, no way does that look like a Minbari Cruiser, Minbari cruisers look more like fish.

  8. I would have to agree, a Sharlin class warcruiser, which I assume was the reference Debes was trying to make, looks more like a fish while the Myrmidon is much more a flying wing shape, which is something Batman… or a Cylon… would fly.

  9. Welcome to the fold, fellow myrm pilot. 😀

    I always think of it as a flying spinal cord, myself.

    Depending what you tend to face, a couple EANMs in the low slots, some 800mm or 1600mm with an RCU, medium armor reppers, and a DCU II make you a fantastic tank. If you want to make heavy drones your big punch, spring for a DLA, Supplemental scanning CPU, Omnidirectional link, and a drone nav computer. It eats up a lot of your mid slots, but the results are worth it.

  10. @Gilber

    If you take a look at my most recent post, you can see what I’m most likely going to have a my setup.
    Feel free to give some input on what you think is good/bad.

  11. “Heavy drones + dual rep tank = most overpowered BC in pvp.”

    Toss a MWD and a full rack of NOS into the picture and yeah.. 🙂

    Ratting is gonna be a bit tougher now 😦

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