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I just got an email from about a new interview in their EVE Online section. I’ve only seen the first few minutes so far but there is a great trailer that Arend plays that shows some of the new ship designs (Prophecy, Vexor, Thrasher and a ship I couldn’t make out) against the old designs.

While at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Managing Editor Jon Wood was able to catch up with EVE Online Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann to talk about the state of EVE Online, and where the game is headed in the near and further future.

You can find the video here.

No update on EVE as of yet as I’m still training skills and haven’t actually done much. Also, no update on the graphics contest. As far as I know, BritishInvader hasn’t entered yet.



  1. one thing that has crossed my mind seeing and meeting developers of mmo’s: Does fat people develop mmorpg’s cuz there fat or does mmorpg developers get fat cuz they sit on their ass all day..

  2. I honestly don’t know where to start with that comment, so I won’t. 😀

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