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I got an EVE-Mail yesterday informing me of a graphics request on the EVE-GFX forums. The forum post is quoted below.

I would like to purchase a sig please

Character Name: Artaith
Character Corp: CEO, United Mission Whores
Character Portrait: yes
Ship(s): no
Other Content: If it’s possible, I’d like it to say “Whore ’till I die” in it, but I do understand that this might not be possible.
Style: B-Movie/Pin-up Girl/Sexy in a Politically correct way Wink
Color Scheme: Black/red/gold
Anything Else?: Fun and Feminine but Strong ( I am a CEO, after all *g*),
Price Prepared to Pay: 15m – 25m
Preferred EVE GFXer : sugark, Nova Z, Godlesswanderer, BritishInvader

The three of us (BritishInvader, sugark and I. Nova Z isn’t taking part) decided amongst ourselves to conduct it like a contest where the person that requests the signature picks what they want. After some work I came up with this.

And a second one without the slogan because we’re not sure as to whether the forum mods on the EVE forums will allow it.

I was a bit hesitant to be the first to submit an entry but I thought I’d go for it. Mostly because it’s useless sitting on the finished graphic until someone posts theirs.
Only me and sugark have entered something so far so at the moment anyone could win. BritishInvader still hasn’t submitted their entry so I’m interested to see what they’re going to come up with.

Feel free to give any feedback on the signature. I’m not going to change it (since I’ve already entered it) but I’d love to hear any feedback that any of you have.



  1. You do some great work! Good luck with the contest!

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately I didn’t win, sugark (the other guy in the contest) won. I’ll write a small post on it once I’ve gotten some sleep.

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