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Like CrazyKinux, I had been hoping for some great action-packed posts once I joined Hells Angels Inc. But unfortunately I’ve pretty much spent my first few days only destroying two ships (both frigates), both of which weren’t very exciting as I was one of about 5 in the gate camp. So as you would expect there was relatively no risk which meant none of that adrenaline rush all pilots have when their ship is at risk.

Also, I’ve already been destroyed twice already. The first occasion was at a gate camp that I wasn’t expecting which left me unprepared so the fight was over very quickly. Also the fact that I was in a Thorax fitted for my brother’s skills (at least 6 million skill points below me) and the two pirates that killed me were flying an Absolution (Field Command Ship) and an Eos (Fleet Command Ship). Click here for the killboard details. If you look at my other losses you’ll notice that I was podded too.

The second occasion, I didn’t really have much of a hand in.

I was on a PvP op with a few corp-mates and about eight pilots from a corporation my corp is friendly with (North Face Force). We had had some intel that there was a Fang Alliance and R0ADKILL gate camp in BWF-ZZ. We were all, as always, in the mood for some PvP so we started to fly towards BWF-ZZ. As we were on our way to the system before BWF-ZZ, the word “Freighter” came through comms. From what we could gather, the freighter was doing what freighters do (haul items or ships) and the Fang Alliance and R0ADKILL pilots were sitting on the other side of the gate ready to destroy anyone that wanted a piece of their freighter.

So, once we got to the BWF-ZZ gate all 10 or so of us sat there waiting for the order to jump in. First the fleet commander gave the order for our covert ops pilot to jump in and stay cloaked. After he got into the system he gave us a bit more intel on the number of ships, ship types, etc. mostly confirming what we had already been told beforehand. After which, the battleship pilot got the order to jump in. That’s when things started to go wrong, the covert ops pilot was forced out of cloak by the freighter getting too close and the battleship was getting pummelled.
Right then we all got the order to jump in. One by one we jumped in, I was the third or fourth to jump in but as I clicked jump and saw my ship start to disappear I got disconnected. Just as I was about to notify the other pilots in the fleet I heard two other people say they had been disconnected. They managed to get back online almost straight away but it was different for me.

When I tried to log back in a message popped up telling me that that EVE had reached it’s max cluster size and I was sixth in the queue. As it wouldn’t let me log back in until I was first in the queue, I waited about a minute until I was first before logging back in. After logging in, I saw my intact ship warping to the BWF-ZZ gate again. “Weird…” I thought, “…it must not have registered that I jumped through the gate. I’ll jump through and get into the fight”. Unfortunately, as soon as I came out of warp I got disconnected again.

The next three times I tried to log in, I was disconnected once the loading bar had progressed about half-way. On the fourth time I logged in, I logged in to find I had been podded and I was sitting in a station in in Tasti, a system roughly 3 jumps away.
I assume that when I got disconnected I jumped straight into a bubble, which meant my ship was unable to automatically warp out. Which meant while I was sitting and staring at the log in screen, my ship was sitting in space being pummelled by six ships.

I have no idea why it happened but it definitely wasn’t a problem with my internet connection, the whole time I was talking on TeamSpeak with my gang-mates. So, what I’ve done is opened a petition in-game asking for a ship reimbursement. Hopefully I should get my Myrmidon back but we’ll see.



  1. Oh the joys of a node crash. Welcome to 0.0

  2. Ya, it turns out it’s a problem with EVE sound… turn your sound off and you shouldn’t have this problem any more.

  3. Argh, that sucks. I hope they get it fixed soon, I want my sound back. 😦

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