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A small update on my EVE Online happenings.

As I said at the end of my last post, I submitted a petition to try and get my ship back. As expected, not much has happened on the reimbursement side of things. CCP doesn’t seem to be communicating with the GMs or vice versa. While CCP say that they know that it is a problem with the audio (turning off audio seems to fix it), the GMs are insisting that the problem lies with something on the player’s computer or an ISP problem.

It’s not clear whether CCP will change the reimbursement policy for this problem. Players have been asking on the forums but have yet to get a reply from a member of staff at CCP. It seems that the first few people to file petitions got their ships reimbursed but recently they’ve stopped reimbursing (and started blaming the ship losses on the players from the sounds of it).

Anyone else had a similar problem? I.e. Being denied a ship reimbursement even though it’s blatantly a problem with EVE Online.



  1. I didn’t lose a ship to it… but turning on audio does crash my computer 😦 I wish they would fix this crap, it’s only started happening since rev2 and the new ‘better’ audio system

  2. GMs are well known to be a total lottery. Just continue insisting that it’s the audio, calmly and professionally, and bump it up to a senior gm if you have to. Link to the thread.

    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted September 5, 2007 at 10:39 pm
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    Yeah, I’ve already linked to the thread in one reply but the GM just sent me a reply which was more or less telling me the same things he had told me before.
    My most recent message was basically asking how much evidence I would need to give if developers posting on the forums and saying it is a problem with the audio and not players isn’t enough.
    Right now I’m just waiting for a reply.

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