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Just a quick post to show off my new signature for the EVE-Online forums. I needed a new signature that showed that I’m a member of Hells Angels Inc.

It didn’t take me very long, probably about 10-20 minutes. I tried out something new this time too. Well, in terms of the way I do things. I actually heard about it years ago.
In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about creating the image at (at least) double the size you intend it to be. So, in this case I created an image measuring 800 pixels x 200 pixels for a signature that would end up being 400 pixels x 100 pixels. It makes it quite a bit easier because you have a larger area to work in, it’s a lot easier to add and remove layers or parts of layers. Then, after you’re done just re-size it to the size you need.
This method is also good if you have parts of your image with ‘jaggy edges’. When you re-size the image, it’ll look as if the object is blurred ever so slightly. Not so much that it compromises on the quality, only enough so that there are no ‘jaggy edges’. It essentially anti-aliases it.

I almost forgot, here’s the signature.

As always, if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to post a comment. I’d love to hear what you think about it or what you think should be added/removed/changed.




    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted September 7, 2007 at 10:44 am
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    Club member? No, it’s the name of the corporation I’m a member of in EVE Online.

  2. The name you’re using (Hells Angels) is a legally protected name of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Please show us the respect and do not use it for your gaming.

  3. I’m not a member of Hells Angels Inc, but I’d love to see you seek a settlement against people who you can’t even track, as Godlesswanderer isn’t the ceo of said corp…

    and it’s not real.

  4. Debes is right. Its a game. Grow up.

  5. Butch-81-NYC, there is no reason for us to stop using the name. There is only a copyright violation if we added “Motorcycle Club” on the end, then we would be using the full name. As we are only using the first part, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    It’s like, for example, if someone were to call their company “Walt”, they couldn’t be sued by Walt Disney.

    Also, like Debes and Shroomius said, it’s only a game. To the average person, the Hells Angels Inc. corporation doesn’t even exist.

  6. Im the CEO of this named corp Hells Angels Inc, whats it to you that im using this name? The question if im a part of this “gang”, it has no relevance to to the game, so it does not need an answer.
    Support you “red and white” boys. YaAaaRrrRR

  7. You may want to rethink your position on this folks. 81 takes their name very seriously and they don’t really give a shit about copyright laws. Thats not the point. Just hate to see anyone get into hot water over ignorance. Odds are, they won’t bother with you, but, they’ve been known to hunt for less. Just some friendly advice.
    And no, I’m not a member.

    [Godlesswanderer’s note – Next time enter real info for your name, e-mail and URL; your comment was caught by the spam filter. Next time I’ll let it go through with the spam.]

  8. Matt Mullenweg …. that would be the ” untrackable people ”
    some GENIUS was referring to? Hmmmmmmmmmm

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