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…For a little while at least.

Due to a personal problem (i.e. having very little money) I no longer have an EVE Online subscription. Oh, woe is me! And so on.
Keep in mind that that does not mean I am not going to post any more EVE Online related articles, I just won’t be posting any accounts of my goings on in EVE. That said, I should be re-starting my subscription (and as a result, the accounts of my EVE Online experiences) in two to three weeks time. If you cannot wait that long for an EVE related post, I suggest you check out CrazyKinux’s Musing or The Ancient Gaming Noob. Those guys have some great EVE related posts, plus they have tons of other EVE related blogs on their blogrolls.
Don’t worry I will still be posting entries on other subjects.

On a side note, I made another sale on Red Bubble; it was the same t-shirt as last time.
By the way, if you find yourself wanting to buy a print, card or t-shirt, check out my DeviantART prints and my Red Bubble designs and prints (link above). Even if you don’t intend to buy anything but want to check out my photography and art, please do so.



  1. Hope you set a long skill 🙂

    I just finished Battlecruiser 5 while my account was inactive. \o/

    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted September 13, 2007 at 4:39 pm
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    Unfortunately I didn’t. I totally forgot until the day after my account was suspended. 😦

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