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It seems that I totally missed out on the existence of Streamy, which is strange because I was pretty excited about it when I heard about it before it went live.

Anyway, if anyone has any invites knocking around, I’d be insanely grateful if you could send me an invite. For anyone without invites, assuming I can get an invite, I’ll be writing a review after I’ve had a few days to play around with it.

In the mean time, I’ve just registered at Jaiku so I will probably write up a little review of that soon. For now though it looks pretty cool; it seems a lot like Twitter but with a more sleek design and the ability to post RSS or Atom feeds to your Jaiku page. You can also send texts to Jaiku and they will post to your Jaiku page. Now, Twitter does have this but it isn’t free, like Jaiku. At least, it wasn’t when I last used Twitter.

I should clarify that by free, I meant that Jaiku is free for me. It counts as a normal text message so you are charged your standard network rate. Since I get a set amount of free texts a month (and being in the UK, receiving texts is free), it is essentially free for me. If you are on a “pay as you go” tariff (or your country’s equivalent), it will not be free for you; but you will only be charged your standard rate.

Update 2:
I just checked the Twitter site and it seems that standard rates apply to people in the US but texts to the UK number sometimes count as an international number, depending on the network. So it looks like standard rates may apply, or they may not.



  1. I can invite you if you give me your email…

    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted September 16, 2007 at 7:40 am
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    Don’t worry about it, Nathan. Someone already sent me an invite yesterday. Thanks anyway though.

  2. plays eve and lives in loughton 🙂
    look up sluggster ingame

    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted September 18, 2007 at 5:17 pm
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    I would, sluggster, but unfortunately I don’t play EVE at the moment. Check my EVE Online stories are no more entry for more info.
    Basically, I have no money. 😦

  3. Ah fiar enougth:)

  4. do you have some jaiku invites ?

  5. Yup. There’s one on its way to you now. 🙂

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