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So, I’ve been playing EVE for a bit today under the new premium client and I have to say I’m very impressed at the quality of the graphics. I’ve only managed to grab screenshots of my Myrmidon so far as my other ships are in a different system and there’s a gate-camp* somewhere along the 6 jump route. I could chance it but while I could put up a hell of a fight, I’d rather keep my Myrmidon in one piece. And keeping it in one piece won’t be very likely if I come across a gate-camp with more than two people.






I’ll most likely upload more screenshots when I get the chance to see more ships and/or objects in general.

*A gate-camp is a group of ships hanging around one end of a stargate, with the intention of either destroying or ransoming (usually destroying) any ships going in or out of said stargate.



  1. Beautiful shots mate!

  2. Thanks, man. I’ve uploaded a few more to Flickr which I haven’t posted here, if you want to check those out. They’re nothing special, although I did find out that they’ve made floating corpses a little creepier lol. I didn’t think they were including the corpses in the graphics update but it looks like they have.


  3. Looks like you like the red systems as well for screenshots :).

    • Godlesswanderer
    • Posted December 16, 2007 at 12:04 am
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    To be honest, the system I stay in for the majority of the time is a red system. But I do admit that it tends to make screenshots look better, so I guess I was just lucky. 😀

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