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Still not much going on in EVE. The last few days have just been spent flying back and forth between asteroid belts in Tasti, destroying rats* with my new Ogre II heavy attack drones.
While we’re on the subject of drones, I’m not liking the new drone bandwidth addition. Before Trinity I would have been able to launch five Ogre II drones in my Myrmidon, which to be honest I was excited about. But now, I can only launch a maximum of three. Now, I’m not saying that I’m annoyed or that I want the change removed, just that I am a little disappointed that I am now limited to launching three drones at a time. Although, with that said, three Ogre II drones can do a lot of damage so it’s not like I’ve now been severely gimped by the changes.

I’ve been thinking about leaving my current corporation as the CEO and director have left Hells Angels Inc. to join a non-pirate, PvP corporation in SMASH alliance. When they left, the CEO made an alt and appointed his alt the position of new CEO. Because of that, the corporation has been left with no direction and the members tend to want to do their own thing, rather than try and organise a hunt.

So, if anyone reading this is a member of a PvP (preferably pirate but if not, I don’t mind) corporation that is recruiting, leave me a message and if I end up leaving Hells Angels Inc, I’ll get back to you. See my recruitment page for my recruitment info.








*Rats = NPC pirate ships often found in asteroid belts



  1. nice images. even the escape pods and shuttles look amazing!

    i don’t know your CEO, but that sounds like a crappy thing to do. why didn’t he just leave one of your guys the CEO position? sounds like he is reserving the name in case he comes back to it.

  2. That’s a pretty lame thing for a Corp CEO to do, leave for ANOTHER corp, then put a placeholder alt in and no leadership? Complete disservice to all the members that joined up to that point.

    If you do want a solid Pirate corp to apply to, VETO is excellent, but their academy needs 10mil SP minimum which you probably meet being in a Myrm with Ogre II’s. There’s also The Black Rabbits which are allied to VETO that’ll accept members with 8mil in combat SP. There’s probably a few others I’m forgetting, but those two are respectable pirate corps.

  3. If you’re interested in an active anti-pie corp in 0.0 with a distinct lack of pos warfare, Contact Debes Sparre ingame, I might be able to do something.. 🙂

  4. @wargoo: I would say thanks but it’s CCP that you’d have to thank for the amazing graphics. Without those graphics, I probably wouldn’t be taking so many screenshots.

    @Scott: Yeah, what made it slightly worse was that we were told that he (he, being the CEO) was in talks with another corporation to see if we could join forces to kick out a corporation that was causing us trouble. Plus, he said that he had started to recruit new members to build up our numbers.
    Those two things made people think that the corporation was here to say, but after those two announcements, the CEO and director pretty much disappeared completely from EVE. Only to reappear again in the form of an EVE-mail in the corp inbox explaining why they left.

    @Debes & Scott: Where abouts are these corporations based? I’ll move if necessary but since I’m currently based in The Forge, I’d prefer to stay in the same area.

  5. Great Wildlands. egbinger, n-dq are destination systems. Transport can be arranged.

  6. Am loving the new engine 🙂
    our corp is a pirate empire war corp.
    The Knights Of Cydonia
    great pvp corp and very active.
    based around aunia at the moment

  7. Sorry for the late reply, but VETO hangs around Sing Liason (sp?), and The Black Rabbits are in the Goinard area now.

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