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It seems that my earlier (not so serious) suspicions about there being a conspiracy weren’t unfounded. After taking a look at some of the blogs that CrazyKinux linked to in his most recent entry, I found a link to a news item on the main EVE site from late April. In this article, it states that the Admiral who was supposedly at the helm of the Gallente capital ship as it collided with the Caldari station had in fact recieved a peace prize for helping Gallente-Caldari trade relations over the last year, as well as for his lifelong efforts (although it is not stated what these efforts were). I’ve included a short section of the article below, but you can find the article itself here.

The 160-year old Alexander Noir has been named the winner of the Aidonis Statue for the year 109. Noir, an Admiral in the Gallente Navy, has long been praised for his work in bridging the gap between the Gallente Federation and Caldari State. The Aidonis Foundation awarded the Statue to Noir for his lifelong efforts as much as his work over the past year, where he helped negotiate trade relations between the two empires, as well as amicably mediating several issues of border incursions by the two sides’ navies.

It all seems very suspicious to me. It is possible that he could have set the collision course himself as he was the last surviving veteran of the Gallente-Caldari war and I would expect that he may have harboured some pretty deep hate for the Caldari; but it just begs the question that why would he spend a year (or possibly more) working for peace between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State if he intended to sabotage talks under a month later.

On a side, although somewhat related, note; I went up to Malkalen earlier today to see if the station affected was actually a real station and if so, if it showed the damage. Much to my excitement, it did and I captured a few great looking screenshots of the carnage. If you want to check out the carnage yourself, head over to Malkalen and then to the Ishukone Corporation Factory station at Malkalen V, Moon I.



Fly safe. If you can during these somewhat violent times, that is.



  1. Very interesting to see how this will develop over time and introduce Empyrean Age. Very well though of by CCP so far!


  2. While I wouldn’t rule out your conspiracy theory of third-party interaction, what I see is one very, very dedicated man.

    He supported peace talks, and likely called in every favor anyone ever owed him to facilitate them…and to facilitate putting his Nyx next to a Caldari station, with massive press coverage and high raking Caldari representatives. By being there as Gallente offical envoy escort, he’s made it so that no Caldari will ever believe the Gallente Federation’s adamant denials that they knew anything about it. Outside of a diplomat from God himself mediating talks, he has forced war, just like he’s been planning since the first Gallente-Caldari war ended.

    That’s my theory at least.

  3. I guess either theory is possible. To be honest, it makes sense either way. One the one hand, it seems very likely as he was the only surviving Gallente-Caldari War veteran so he probably had a lot of hatred for the Caldari. But on the other hand, it also seems very unlikely as he spent years supporting peace talks.

    It’s all very confusing, hopefully there’ll be some more events coming up that will explain the whole thing.

  4. And I’ll miss them all! But that’s okay…cause when I get back, I’ll be crushing the Caldari. FOR MY BROTHERS!

  5. How come you’ll be missing them?
    I’m still not so sure about whether I’ll be joining the Gallente militia or not. I’ll probably only make a definite decision when the patch hits Tranquillity.

  6. I am thinking about defecting from the Caldari and joining up with the Minmitar. I have already dropped to well below -7 standing with them anyway. It is time to make thousands of years of injustice right, once and for all.

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