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Yes, you read that right, I’ve just this minute cancelled my EVE Online subscription. And no I haven’t given up on EVE completely, it’s just that now that I have finished my course and left college, I’m now officially not a student and am now just unemployed (until I re-apply for another course, that is). This means that I have very little money to pay for both my EVE subscription and any bus/train fares.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting here for the forseeable future. It’s just that the majority of posts won’t be about EVE Online. I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone, but by all means stay subscribed and keep reading. Otherwise, how are you going to tell when I’ve started writing about EVE again? 😉

Fly safe, lads and ladies.


One Comment

  1. RL always takes precedent over EVE, even when it hurts. You know I’ll be waiting arms open with two pints in my hands when you get back.

    Have fun with the Spore Creature Creator!

    Fly safe mate!

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