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A couple weeks ago, CrazyKinux had the amazing idea of setting up an EVE blog pack. It’s a pretty simple affair really, the general idea is that a group of bloggers all help each other out by linking to other’s posts, commenting on them, digging them, etc.

Since my I haven’t been posting as much as I would have liked and I’m sure not many people check my blog roll on the sidebar, I thought I should post links to the members of the blog post here to both help out the blog pack and also give my readers (that’s you) a few other EVE blogs to read if you don’t already read them.

If you want to subscribe to the entire blog pack in one go, CrazyKinux was nice enough to create a way for you to do that. Just click the link below and suscribe away. 🙂

Fly safe lads and ladies.

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