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2007., originally uploaded by Godlesswanderer.

Evening girls and boys. As of today I have reactivated my EVE Online subscription. Judging by the steep drop in page views over the last two weeks (from up to 70 views a day , down to 20), it seems that the majority of people come here for my EVE stories. So, looks like you guys will be happy for the time being. Seeing as I’m now back in EVE, you’ll be getting a lot more EVE stories from me.

That said, there are no EVE-related stories today. At the moment, I’m just doing the boring things. Cleaning up my EVE-mail inbox, reading up on what my corp has been up to over the last two weeks, stuff like that.
Plus, I am currently sitting in a station in Jita in a new Myrmidon, waiting to see whether I should buy my modules or wait for them to be manufactured by the industrial side of my corp.

It seems my corp is now at war. We seem to have been war-decced by some random corporation in Empire that seems to want to destroy us. At the moment we’ve been conducting surveillance, trying to find out what times they’re online, what ships they fly, who they are friendly with, etc. There hasn’t been any shots fired as of yet (as far as I am aware of), but after trying to get us to come to them they seem to be coming to us now. I’ll keep you guys updates on what happens. That said, I won’t be posting any of my corps movements or tactics until they after they have happened as it is possible that a member of the enemy corporation could find (or already has found) this blog.

Still on the subject of EVE, I entered a signature graphic contest a week or two ago. After making my entry I completely forgot about the contest until yesterday when I was checking the EVE-GFX forums and thought I’d check the thread to see who won.
To my surprise it was me and I ended up being paid 30 million ISK (which sorted out the ISK problems I had before my account was suspended). You can see the signature below.

If this graphic isn’t showing, it seems EVE-Files is experiencing hardware problems.


I recently registered on a website called Red Bubble after a long search for a decent website that would allow me to sell prints and t-shirts. At first I was worried that it would be like Cafe Press (which I always regretted joining) but after being a member for a couple days it seems cool. I also made my first sale about two hours ago. I only got £1.63 from that sale, but it’s a start. Hopefully I can get a few more sales and make a bit more money because God knows I need it.

In case you’re wondering what I sold, you can see a screen-shot below.

I was surprised that it sold to be honest, it was fairly easy to make in Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to check out my Red Bubble page, you can find it here. If you want to buy anything, don’t hesitate to do so. T-shirts and prints are cheap (obviously depending on size) and according to their FAQ, they try and get all items delivered within 5 days.
Plus, I need the money. 😀

Just a quick post to show off my new signature for the EVE-Online forums. I needed a new signature that showed that I’m a member of Hells Angels Inc.

It didn’t take me very long, probably about 10-20 minutes. I tried out something new this time too. Well, in terms of the way I do things. I actually heard about it years ago.
In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about creating the image at (at least) double the size you intend it to be. So, in this case I created an image measuring 800 pixels x 200 pixels for a signature that would end up being 400 pixels x 100 pixels. It makes it quite a bit easier because you have a larger area to work in, it’s a lot easier to add and remove layers or parts of layers. Then, after you’re done just re-size it to the size you need.
This method is also good if you have parts of your image with ‘jaggy edges’. When you re-size the image, it’ll look as if the object is blurred ever so slightly. Not so much that it compromises on the quality, only enough so that there are no ‘jaggy edges’. It essentially anti-aliases it.

I almost forgot, here’s the signature.

As always, if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to post a comment. I’d love to hear what you think about it or what you think should be added/removed/changed.

A short update on the small contest I entered to create the signature graphic for Artaith.

Unfortunately, my entry didn’t get picked. Instead sugark’s entry was picked. You can see their entry below.

I would have liked to have won but I can’t argue with what the customer wants and sugark’s entry seems to be what she wants. I could have done with the 25 million ISK but what can you do. I’ll most likely put the signature up for sale.

That said, if you do want to purchase the signature feel free to leave me a comment saying what you want the name, corporation, slogan, etc changed to or if you want anything removed.
Since I am only selling one signature, it’ll be on a first come, first served basis. That is, the first person to give me an offer will get the signature. The graphic below is the signature that I am selling, so if you want it just leave a comment.

I got an EVE-Mail yesterday informing me of a graphics request on the EVE-GFX forums. The forum post is quoted below.

I would like to purchase a sig please

Character Name: Artaith
Character Corp: CEO, United Mission Whores
Character Portrait: yes
Ship(s): no
Other Content: If it’s possible, I’d like it to say “Whore ’till I die” in it, but I do understand that this might not be possible.
Style: B-Movie/Pin-up Girl/Sexy in a Politically correct way Wink
Color Scheme: Black/red/gold
Anything Else?: Fun and Feminine but Strong ( I am a CEO, after all *g*),
Price Prepared to Pay: 15m – 25m
Preferred EVE GFXer : sugark, Nova Z, Godlesswanderer, BritishInvader

The three of us (BritishInvader, sugark and I. Nova Z isn’t taking part) decided amongst ourselves to conduct it like a contest where the person that requests the signature picks what they want. After some work I came up with this.

And a second one without the slogan because we’re not sure as to whether the forum mods on the EVE forums will allow it.

I was a bit hesitant to be the first to submit an entry but I thought I’d go for it. Mostly because it’s useless sitting on the finished graphic until someone posts theirs.
Only me and sugark have entered something so far so at the moment anyone could win. BritishInvader still hasn’t submitted their entry so I’m interested to see what they’re going to come up with.

Feel free to give any feedback on the signature. I’m not going to change it (since I’ve already entered it) but I’d love to hear any feedback that any of you have.