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There’s been nothing new going on in my little area of EVE lately (mainly because I haven’t had the time to log on for any significant amount of time) so this post is mainly a short update on my online and gaming life.

I recently managed to get a (slightly) early copy of the trial version of the Spore Creature Creator and I’ve been spending a lot of my time creating weird and wonderful creatures. Some of which you can see below.




To kind of balance out me torrenting the leaked version, I pre-ordered the full version of the Spore Creature Creator while µTorrent was going to work. My other reasons behind this (of course, there had to be more) were that the trial version only features 25% of the creature parts, while the full version features all 200+ unique parts and saves £4.99 off the retail price of the full game if ordered from the EA website.

Onto a less gaming-centred topic, I recently started a photo blog for my random photos. So, if you’re interested in seeing some of my best (in my opinion) photos, head over to my personal photo blog and subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re that way inclined.

Zemanta Pixie

As there is very little (more like nothing) going on in EVE at the moment, I haven’t really had anything to write about. Unfortunately, I still don’t have anything to write about so this post is just a quick note to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah and any other holiday you may celebrate. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get anything written up within the next couple days as I’ll be quite busy. That said, I’ll most likely take some pictures over the next few days; so my next post or next few entries may end up being mainly photography based.

I’m still looking for more opinions on whether I should change the layout of my blog. So far, the general view seems to be that I should change it but that’s from about four people, so I want to get a few more opinions before I make a final decision. You can find the layout preview here, and any opinions would be great. Even if you don’t read this blog regularly, I’d like to hear your opinion on whether I should stick with the current layout or change to the new one.

On a side note, you may have noticed that I now have a donation link at the bottom of this entry (and will have at the bottom of most entries from now on). The main reason behind this is that I eventually want to have my blog under its own domain name. And while domains are relatively cheap, hosting tends not to be; especially when, like me, you’re a student with very little money.
By no means am I trying to force you to donate anything. Of course, any donations will be greatly appreciated but if you do not wish to donate anything, that’s fine and you are free to ignore the paragraph below.


Love what you’re reading? Why not make a donation? Any donations will go towards buying a domain, hosting plan and other blog-related items/services for Articulated Sky.
Keep in mind that Articulated Sky is and always will be 100% free, absolutely nothing is required or expected.

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I recently registered on a website called Red Bubble after a long search for a decent website that would allow me to sell prints and t-shirts. At first I was worried that it would be like Cafe Press (which I always regretted joining) but after being a member for a couple days it seems cool. I also made my first sale about two hours ago. I only got £1.63 from that sale, but it’s a start. Hopefully I can get a few more sales and make a bit more money because God knows I need it.

In case you’re wondering what I sold, you can see a screen-shot below.

I was surprised that it sold to be honest, it was fairly easy to make in Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to check out my Red Bubble page, you can find it here. If you want to buy anything, don’t hesitate to do so. T-shirts and prints are cheap (obviously depending on size) and according to their FAQ, they try and get all items delivered within 5 days.
Plus, I need the money. 😀

Bath Abbey Front, originally uploaded by Godlesswanderer.


I got back from my 3-day trip to Bath and Bristol on Thursday night. Click the above photo to be taken to that photo’s page. Or alternatively, click this link to be taken to the set page.

One of the things I hate about Summer is the sheer amount of Spiders that make their way into the house. Having a large, tree-lined field behind the house doesn’t really help matters.

The story starts at about 5pm yesterday evening. While sitting at my computer I heard rustling behind me, I assumed it was my cat playing with a plastic bag so I thought nothing of it. Five minutes later I heard rustling in the plastic wrapping to a magazine I had recently bought. Again, I thought nothing of it but I was curious as to what it was so I looked. As I looked, I saw something quite large run out from underneath the wrapping and disappear into the shadows beneath my chair. At that point I thought it was a Crane Fly flying close to the floor so after a short search I gave up, thinking that it had flown away while I wasn’t looking.

Fast forward to 9:54pm tonight. I’m sitting at the computer watching an episode of Scrubs with my arm resting on the wall. Out of the corner of my eye I see something large and brown moving across the wall very slowly. I turned my head to look at it and I see a huge spider. It must have been about 3 inches across. It was by far the biggest spider I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know spiders that big existed in Britain, but seems they do.
After seeing it, I froze for a couple seconds and just stared. As I watched the spider I quickly thought of what I could do with it. In a couple seconds I came up with…

  • Jump up quickly and squash it with my fist.
  • Grab my camera and take a few pictures.
  • Down the rest of my drink, put the glass over it and throw the spider outside.
  • Spray it with Raid and see what happens.
  • Jump onto my bed, quickly grab my pillow and squash it with my pillow. – I didn’t quite think that one through, no one wants spider guts on their pillow.
  • Grab it and quickly throw it outside. – I gave up on this idea when I saw how big its fangs were.

I ended up downing the rest of my drink and sticking the glass over the top of it. Surprisingly it didn’t move until I put a piece of card underneath the glass, even then it only moved slightly. It was as if this kind of thing had happened before and it was just going with the flow.
Anyway, it’s now outside and I’m keeping a close eye on the window in-case it decides to come back in.
So, while writing this I looked up what type of spider this is and it turns out it’s a Giant House Spider.

The Giant house spider (Tegenaria duellica; formerly known as T. gigantea) is a member of the genus Tegenaria and is a close relative of both the Domestic house spider and the infamous Hobo spider.

Females can reach 18 mm in length, with males having a slightly smaller body at around 12 mm to 15 mm in length. The female leg span is typically around 45 mm. The leg span of the male is highly variable, with spans between 25 mm to 75 mm being common.
The Giant house spider has the same colouration as the Domestic house spider; Earthy tones of brown and muddy red or yellow. They also have conspicuously hairy legs and abdomen.

Up until 1987, the Giant house spider held the record as the fastest spider in the world.

Source: Wikipedia

These seem to be the personification (spidonification?) of everything I hate about spiders. Long hairy legs, large fangs, fast as hell and look like they can jump a fair bit too.
It’s lucky it just sat there really, otherwise I would have gone a little spider crazy.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of spiders. I’m just not too fond of spiders almost as big as my palm.

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