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It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘month in review’ post, but since I’ve missed out on a lot of months to review, I thought I’d start again. So, onto the actual post.

Site View Count:


Articulated Sky has had a bit of a sporadic view count over the last month. Ranging between a high (although not an all-time high) of 161 views and a low of 27. That said, I had an average view count of 40-50 per day. I didn’t think was much of an improvement on last month, but it seems that I was wrong as this month saw me achieve the second highest view count out of the 11 months this blog has been active with the highest being December 2007.

Patch Day:


As expected, the big Empyrean Age release gave me quite a large increase in page views for a good few days, increasing my pageview to 161 views the first day, then decreasing by about 30-40 on average for a couple days until it got back to my average.
While it always means that I can’t play EVE, I love extended downtimes as it means that people will be searching for EVE Online blogs to satisfy their EVE addictions.

Rest of the month:


Later on in the month, I had three medium to large spikes in amount of views but I can’t seem to spot what caused these. It’s possible that during these days there was a small un-scheduled downtime and people were trying to find out why, but I’m unsure.

Now onto my general statistics.


Top 10 Posts:

New EVE Ship Purchase: Myrmidon 151 views
Mass panic grips New Eden 123 views
PvP Setup, Guides, & Apps 113 views
EVE Tutorial Play-Through 67 views
EVE Online Graphics Creation 62 views
Singularity… Testing… Testing… – Empyrean Age 57 views
Minmatar Armada in Yulai?! 56 views
Drone Bandwidth & Looking For A Change in Scenery 52 views
Getting closer to war… 51 views
EVE Linkage 51 views

Top 5 Refferers:

Top 5 Search Terms:

  • eve tutorial
  • eve myrmidon
  • eve ships
  • buy eve ships
  • yulai

Top 5 Clicks:


Before I start, I realise that I didn’t write a stats post for September or October but from today I am going to aim to get out a sort of “previous month in review” post at the beginning of each month. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do it and what I’m going to include so I guess we’ll see where this goes.


Articulated Sky hasn’t had much growth this month compared to my first full month in August, although with that said it has experienced some growth. My biggest period of growth was between August and September where page views shot up from 868 to 1,424. After September they dropped down to just under half of that at 775, which I put down to a lack of posts on my part. After realising this I decided to bump up my post frequency or at least the frequency of my EVE Online related posts as it seems to be what this blog has begun to centre around.
So, as a result of my bumping up of posts I managed to rack up 1,201 page views last month. Hopefully I can carry on with this growth (albeit slight) and get even more page views this month.


Top 10 Posts:

New EVE Ship Purchase: Myrmidon 194 views
EVE Online: Trinity Teaser 168 views
PvP Setup, Guides, & Apps 111 views
WebWars: EVE 95 views
New Two Minute Trinity Trailer! 50 views
We assure you that Android Hell is a real place… 48 Views
EVE Online 31 views
New Graphics Engine Now On Singularity! 31 views
G.T.F.O.O.J 22 views
A Halo 3 Marriage Proposal 18 views

Top 5 Referrers:

The above referrers are estimated for the last month. WordPress only keeps referral statistics for the last seven days.

Top 5 Clicks:

The above clicks are estimated for the last month. WordPress only keeps click statistics for the last seven days.

Misc Statistics:

  • 9 posts
  • 1,201 page views
  • 951 visitors
  • 111 returning visitors

2007., originally uploaded by Godlesswanderer.

Evening girls and boys. As of today I have reactivated my EVE Online subscription. Judging by the steep drop in page views over the last two weeks (from up to 70 views a day , down to 20), it seems that the majority of people come here for my EVE stories. So, looks like you guys will be happy for the time being. Seeing as I’m now back in EVE, you’ll be getting a lot more EVE stories from me.

That said, there are no EVE-related stories today. At the moment, I’m just doing the boring things. Cleaning up my EVE-mail inbox, reading up on what my corp has been up to over the last two weeks, stuff like that.
Plus, I am currently sitting in a station in Jita in a new Myrmidon, waiting to see whether I should buy my modules or wait for them to be manufactured by the industrial side of my corp.

It seems my corp is now at war. We seem to have been war-decced by some random corporation in Empire that seems to want to destroy us. At the moment we’ve been conducting surveillance, trying to find out what times they’re online, what ships they fly, who they are friendly with, etc. There hasn’t been any shots fired as of yet (as far as I am aware of), but after trying to get us to come to them they seem to be coming to us now. I’ll keep you guys updates on what happens. That said, I won’t be posting any of my corps movements or tactics until they after they have happened as it is possible that a member of the enemy corporation could find (or already has found) this blog.

Still on the subject of EVE, I entered a signature graphic contest a week or two ago. After making my entry I completely forgot about the contest until yesterday when I was checking the EVE-GFX forums and thought I’d check the thread to see who won.
To my surprise it was me and I ended up being paid 30 million ISK (which sorted out the ISK problems I had before my account was suspended). You can see the signature below.

If this graphic isn’t showing, it seems EVE-Files is experiencing hardware problems.

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  9. EVE at Leipzig: Arend Stuhrmann Video Interview

General Stats:

Blog views this month – 831

Seeing as I only have an average account, I don’t get very many stats. 😦