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I can’t help but think sometimes that I must be on some sort of spam list or something. Out of the 348 spam comments (probably more by the time I finish writing this) that have been caught by the spam filter, about 90% of them were posted to my New EVE Ship Purchase: Myrmidon entry. You’d think spammers would get fed up after a realising that their comments aren’t getting past the spam filter. That said, I assume it’s a bot of some sort and not actual people searching the internet for blogs to spam. That’d be a boring job, although I bet it’d pay a lot. Like being a Dustman or something.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about taking my Digg info (submissions and diggs) and my Flickr pictures out of my FeedBurner feed. After all, if anyone wants those they can subscribe to my Tumblr feed or my Flickr/Digg feed individually. Of course, I’m not going to make a decision right now; I want to know what the people that are currently subscribed to my feed think.
So, everyone currently subscribed to my FeedBurner Feed (so, three of you), what do you think? Would you rather that the feed only contained my blog posts? Or are you only subscribed to my FeedBurner feed because you think the default feed for my blog is boring without my Digg and Flickr feeds? Tell me what you want done and it shall be done.

…and you will be sent there upon the slightest sign of deviance.

So, it’s been two weeks since my last entry. I’m sure you’re expecting a very good explanation…
Well, I kind of don’t have one.

In the first week, I got Halo 3. And like CrazyKinux and Winterblink, I managed to get distracted and ended up being unable to focus on anything else. After a few days, I finished the fight and was ready to get back into EVE Online.

I had just started playing EVE again when The Orange Box came out. So, like the majority of gamers out there I bought if off of Steam, downloaded it and got playing. Ever since then I’ve been playing Half life 2, episodes one and two, Portal and a bit of Team Fortress 2. Just Portal alone is worth the £30 I spent on it.

With Halo 3 and The Orange Box already out and other great games coming out soon; It really is a great year to be a gamer. Not so great for our wallets, mind you.
Just a short post for today but seeing as now I will have more time to play EVE, there should be more EVE related entries on their way. If I can’t get any EVE related entries posted, I’ll try and keep you updated on other things.

On a side-note, I’ve now got a Tumblr blog where you’ll be able to find my Jaiku, Twittr, Pownce and Flickr feeds along with the RSS feed for this blog. At the moment it seems like a great place to keep my feeds. Unlike my Feedburner feed, I won’t be adding my Digg activity (for the time being anyway). So if you are subscribed to that feed purely for my Digg activity, stay with Feedburner. For everything else, I recommend you subscribe to my Tumblr feed.