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As you may already be able to tell, I haven’t been playing EVE as much as I originally intended to over the past couple weeks. Unfortunately that was mostly my fault as I, rather foolishly, decided to re-activate my EVE Online account during the last few weeks of the college term. And as a result of that I was way too busy finishing off college work to get into EVE even for a little while. What little time I did have, I spent playing Spore (which I bought only recently).
Luckily though, my Christmas holidays have now started so I’m going to be gifted with hours upon hours of free time.

During the one or two times I was actually able to get into EVE, I didn’t really get anything constructive done (on my part anyway). I got quite a bit done for Heather though, on the other hand.

After making my way to Duripant, where she ended up starting, I bought myself a few EP-S Gaussian I Excavation Pulse mining lasers and fitted them to my old Pirating Brutix as that was the only ship I took there.

Blasphemy, right?

Blasphemy, right?

Surprisingly, after about half an hour of mining we got just over 9000m3, so I decided to stop there as that was roughly the capacity of the Iteron Mk I I bought. I wish I’d known how good a Brutix can be at mining back when I’d started out, I would be a lot richer than I am at the moment. I’m sure that there’s countless weeks of Brutix mining I could have done while waiting for my Mining Barge skills to train. I could be quite a rich man, as opposed to my 5ish mil right now.

That little bit of mining got us a hefty (newbie-wise) 330,000ish ISK, which I split 50/50 with Heather to go towards buying her first frigate. I did try to convince her that I didn’t need the money but she insisted that I took at least half since I did most of the mining.
While I will admit I was enjoying the somewhat relaxing mining, I was itching for someone to try and steal our ore so I could lock the bastard and stop him in his tracks. Maybe do a bit of ransoming while I was at it. Ah well, maybe another time.

I’m going to try and see if Heather will write a blog post about her experience on her EVE trial but we’ll see. I’m interested in how she felt about EVE Online itself and her time spent learning how to play.
Time to see if I can figure out the Authors & Users section of the WordPress Dashboard.

Fly safe y’all.


weightedcubestuffed (by You)

If, like me, you’ve played Portal and you find yourself missing your Weighted Companion Cube that you so cruelly incinerated (in record time); you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll soon be able to buy a Plush Companion Cube (or two for your car). Unfortunately it’s not weighted but it’s better than nothing I guess. I’m not entirely sure when it will be coming out or how much it’ll cost but I’m sure it’ll go quickly when it is released. So make sure to get your Plush Companion Cube as soon as possible, I know I will be.

Last week, CrazyKinux posted an entry about the new game WebWars: EVE. At the time, no one seemed to know what it was. I actually got a bit excited, thinking it was going to be an actual video game on one of the consoles or on PC. I started thinking about how awesome playing through the Gallente – Caldari war would be. Maybe it could have even had two parts that you could choose between. The first being the Gallente – Caldari war, the second being the Amarr first taking the Minmatar as slaves. You could play as either side in both conflicts. I think I’d pre-order that game right now if it existed.

Godlesswanderer said…
I’d love a game based on EVE. It’s got some pretty awesome back story to base a game on. Personally I’d love to play through the Gallente – Caldari war.

Sun Oct 28, 11:17:00 PM 2007

But unfortunately it wasn’t to be. It turns out that this new EVE-based game is a web game (I should have guessed by the name really) in which you fight for control of territory, but in this case, the territory that you fight to control are individual websites.
Even though this game is nothing like what I expected it to be, I’m still excited to play it. I hope that, like most web games, it is 100% free and will remain 100% free. There’s nothing I hate more (game-wise) than a game you play through a website makes some of the content only open to subscribers. That’s the reason I left OGame and Runescape (when I was about 13). Well, apart from the fact that those two games ended up boring the hell out of me.

If you are interested in signing up for the beta, you can register at the Sign-Up page on the WebWars: EVE website. I’ve registered for a beta invite so once I get the invite (assuming I get one at all) I’ll write up a review.
Until then, I found a few screenshots from the announcement at the EVE Online FanFest which you can see below.

EVE - The Battle for (by Stuck in Customs)

EVE - The Space Station (by Stuck in Customs)

EVE - The Toolbar (by Stuck in Customs)