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As you may have noticed if you’ve tried to get to my blog, you’re now being redirected to my blogs’ new location. I’ve been wanting to buy a domain for this blog for around a year now and since I have money to spare, I thought that I should finally get around to it.

This post is mainly an information post to inform all of my readers that you’ll need to change your RSS, bookmark, etc. links to the links for the new blog. Of course, my old blog links will re-direct to the new ones but simply for convenience, it’ll be easier and quicker to link to my new blog URL.

While I had some troubles yesterday with broken links and whatnot, all links should still be working. So, if anyone has linked to anywhere in my  blog (at its old location), that link will now redirect to the new location of that post.
There are still some things that I need to fix such as re-doing the blogroll so it links to all of the blogs that my old blogroll did but that’ll definitely be finished by the end of the day.

I’m going to be mirroring this blog post on my old blog so as to get the message out to my RSS feed readers too.

Sorry if this post seems a bit muddled, I’m not too good at writing a blog post when I’ve just woken up. 😦