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So, I’ve been playing EVE for a bit today under the new premium client and I have to say I’m very impressed at the quality of the graphics. I’ve only managed to grab screenshots of my Myrmidon so far as my other ships are in a different system and there’s a gate-camp* somewhere along the 6 jump route. I could chance it but while I could put up a hell of a fight, I’d rather keep my Myrmidon in one piece. And keeping it in one piece won’t be very likely if I come across a gate-camp with more than two people.






I’ll most likely upload more screenshots when I get the chance to see more ships and/or objects in general.

*A gate-camp is a group of ships hanging around one end of a stargate, with the intention of either destroying or ransoming (usually destroying) any ships going in or out of said stargate.

The new graphics engine is not just about cool new graphics, although that is a big part of it. We have some optimizations in it, including improvements to fleet warfare and FPS speed. All of this is to make EVE run faster and smoother on your computer as a part of the Need for Speed initiative we’ve been discussing earlier.

We have now put the new graphics engine on Singularity to give you a first taste of just what it is this baby can do, although this version is an updated DX8 version and does not include any DX9 content. When you try this out we will need some help from you in the form of dxdiags attached to every bug report you submit and we ask you to make sure you include the build number of the build you were using when you found the bug. More information about how to write a good bug report can be found here and you can submit your bug report here.

We hope you’ll enjoy this peek into what EVE Online: Trinity will be able to do for you, and we’d like to thank everyone who helps us test it!


There’s not really much to say about this apart from, “Woooo! Not long until Trinity!!!”. Also, if anyone is on Singularity right now, care to tell me what it’s like so far?
That is all. 😉

I realise I’m a couple days late with this, one of the many drawbacks of being busy is that I don’t get to write any entries. So, onto the post.

At the EVE Fan Fest, CCP showed a teaser trailer for the new Trinity upgrade.

You can find the higher quality version at Stage6; but if that’s not enough you can find a 16:9, 1920 by 1080 version at EVE Files.

I know I’ve said this a lot to a lot of people over the last few months but I really cannot wait until Trinity is released. It’ll be like an early Christmas for me, except I’ll know exactly what I’m getting and it’ll be awesome anyway. Wow, I must be geekier than I thought if I’m comparing a MMO patch to Christmas… Ah well, . 😉

Thanks go to CrazyKinux for finding the videos (and linking to them on his blog which led to me finding them). 😀