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Firstly, let me start off by saying I know this game has been out for a good few months (since February 23rd in fact). I’ve only just recently gotten a gaming-capable computer, so a lot of games are new to me. Right, onto the game.

Your character in Infernal is Ryan Lennox, a fallen angel who is trying to enjoy the good life on Earth when the agents of Etherlight, the heavenly corporation, come after him. After a shootout at a nightclub, Lennox meets up with the head of the Abyss, hell’s corporation, who makes him an offer that he can’t refuse. And just like that, the fallen angel is working for his former enemy, and that means you’ll have to go to locations around the world to figure out what Etherlight is up to. And you know that the “good guys” are up to no good, mainly through the game’s cryptic, conspiracy-laden introductory cutscene that shows Etherlight monks working on some type of strange weapon.

Source: Gamespot

The Infernal demo is different to most demos I’ve played. That is, it doesn’t tell you anything about the story, or even the game itself. I know the story isn’t essential when playing a demo but it would have been nice to know why I’m shooting monks and why I’m using shuriken. At first you’re presented with a menu that looks like it would be at home in a skateboarding game (minus the guy with the gun). Click “New Game” and after a short loading screen you’re thrust into what looks like a monastery. Walk forward for about two seconds and you’re presented with your first cut-scene. Read More »